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    Mon 8 Apr - 15:01
    Message by Vampire-Apprentice - What's going on?
    Hey I can't go onto any of our rps, can you?
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    Fri 22 Feb - 20:19
    Message by Phoenix - :)
    Can you post on TVD? :3
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    Sun 16 Sep - 19:35
    Message by Phoenix - Hey
    which girl are you wanting on sword and cross?
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    Fri 10 Aug - 21:16
    Message by Vampire-Apprentice - Hey
    Hey hey, can you join me on some of our other rps?
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    Sun 1 Jul - 22:28
    Message by Phoenix - Hey
    Are you coming onto Shoreline? I can keep a character free if you want me to.
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    Fri 29 Jun - 21:48
    Message by Vampire-Apprentice - Hey
    Hey best, can you join me on some of our rps to?
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    Mon 13 Feb - 12:54
    Message by SpiritWolfe - Posting?
    Hey Beth.

    I'm not sure if it's only me or what but I can't get past the first page of any of the rps. Every time I try I get a message saying "Your can return to the index..."

    That's all it says and it won't let me do anything. So once I can get past that I'll post XD
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    Thu 2 Feb - 23:37
    Message by EpicNarnia - Aww. :)
    It wouldn't let me send this so I'm gonna put it on your profile -

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    Mon 30 Jan - 15:16
    Message by EpicNarnia - Hey
    Hey!!! Just testing how to send a message to your profile. :D
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